Heavy Commercial Vehicle (Truck & Bus)

Both Steel Radial and Tube Type Heavy Commercial Vehicle tyres available in the following pattern types:
Sizes available:
# Size Ply Rating (PR) Rim Width
1 8.25 R 20 16 20
2 9.00 R 20 16 20
3 10.00 R 20 16 & 18 20
4 11.00 R 22.5 18 22.5
5 12.00 R 22.5 18 22.5
6 3.15 - 80 R 22.5 20 22.5
7 3.85 - 65 R 22.5 20 22.5
Tyre Tubes and Flaps available as well.


Suitable to drive on city and high grade roads. Low heat build-up, good tear resistance, higher original mileage and excellent fuel efficiency. All weather pattern design, excellent driving and anti-sideslip ability for rainy or snowy weather. Optimized and stronger bead design.

Preferred Usage: Trucks

Position: Usually found on the drive or torque axle. The increased tread depth is needed to offset the scrubbing and/or spinning that can occur when power is transmitted to the drive axle.


Suitable to steer and tailing position for bus or truck on city road and highway. Pattern designed with good draining ability, anti-wet & anti-sideslip performance. Supply high mileage with super anti-wear, low heat build-up pattern formula.

Preferred Usage: Buses

Position: Usually found on the steering axle of a truck/tractor and on other free rolling axles such as trailers, dollies, tag and pusher axles. Also found on torque axles when traction is not a high priority.


Unique breaker belt structure, as well as tread band prescription with high wear-resisting and low heating with high running mileage best-traction, easily operated energy-saved, high-speed. Bead design meets the requirement of being superior and strengthened, especially suitable for special use conditions. Radial construction carcass makes it comfortable and also reduces components wear-down of vehicles.

Preferred Usage: Both Buses & Trucks